Wed., August 23, 03:00 –

Weekly Meeting: Mr. Rikuo Hasegawa (MIT Media Lab) August 22 (Tues.) @ FabCafeMTRL


Wed., August 23,

On this occasion, we will be hosting an open discussion with one of our community members. Mr. Rikuo Hasegawa (MIT Media Lab) will talk about the research projects (food computer, climate recipe) that he is currently engaged in.

Rikuo Hasegawa

Was born in America in 1997 and spent his formative years there. Made his way to Tokyo in 2013. Became hooked on programming since coming to Japan. Was introduced to a farming technique called "aquaponics" and has since been engaged in activities related to it. From 2015 has been involved in the development of VR and works as an engineer at COLOPL.

長谷川陸央(MIT Media Lab)8/22 Tue. @FabCafeMTRL