Tue., March 15, 19:00 –

BioClub Lecture: Hideo Iwasaki - Bioaesthetics: Klein bottle for scientific and artistic pursue


Tue., March 15,






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Life is a complicated concept, and very roughly there are two views. One is "regardless of the presence or absence of a human being, life(ness) resides in objects called organisms" and the other is "the property experienced through by a (inter)subjective relationship to some objects". It is possible to roughly separate the former from life as an ontological and natural scientific object, and the latter from life as an epistemological and humanistic issue. In practice, however, they interact with each other and form loops, which constantly generate very complicated boundary. It may be better to regard such an intricate structure itself as vital. And this structure can be taken as a sketch of the art, because art is a platform to be conscious of both "value of the artwork itself" and "artistic value of (inter)subjective relationships and experiences with viewers" in a mixed way.