Tue., October 11, 19:30 –

BioClub Weekly: Welcome to Finnish Artist-in-Resident - Aaro Murphy


Tue., October 11,




BioClub Tokyo



In this week's BioClub Weekly Meeting we welcome our Artist-in-Resident Aaro Murphy. This Art & Science Research Residency is a collaboration with the Finnish Institute in Japan, SOLU - The Finnish BioArt Society and BioClub Tokyo. Aaro will do research for 1 month in Japan, focusing on extracting urban smells and creating a libray of materials and smells.

Aaro will also make a workshop on Oct. 18th, look out for a separate announcement!

Please come by to say 'Hello' to Aaro and learn more about this exciting research.

More about Aaro:
Aaro Murphy is a Finnish installation artist working with sound, scent, animation and glass. His research explores techno-human relationships, and the poetics of machines. His work takes form as time based installations and kinetic sculptures, exploring boundaries between the organic and synthetic. A recurring theme in his practice is the ability for machines and complex mechanisms to adopt spatial agency – shifting between robotic beings and instruments.


This is a free event.

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