Tue., February 01, 19:00 –

BioHack Academy 2022 - Info Event


Tue., February 01,

BioClub Tokyo will be again a partner lab for the BioHack Academy in 2022.
The BioHack Academy (BHA) is a global, 10-week program to teach the basics of bio lab work, lab equipment use and making, and wetware experiments, including CRISPR.
In this info event we will talk about the details of BHA.

"After completing the BioHack Academy you can grow your own fuel, food, filaments, pharmaceuticals, fragrances and fungi. We'll teach you how to build your own biolab, how to culture living factories and how to code your experiments."

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Local Organiser: Georg Tremmel
Online Guest: Kas Houthuijs (Waag, BHA22 Organizer, https://waag.org/en/kas-houthuijs)

Join the event in person or via Zoom 

19:00: Zoom (https://zoom.bioclub.tokyo)
20:00 ~ In person Lab Tour

This event is free.