Tue., October 08, 19:30 –

BioLab guidance Vol.1


Tue., October 08,

Loftwork Co., Ltd. has requested and formulated rules of biolab attached to Shibuya FabCafe MTRL owned by our company, specifically with regards to handling of genetically modified organisms,

related training materials and experimental application procedures.

The is to ensure safety for users and surrounding environment, moreover to demonstrate transparency to the general public.

Based on the rules, lab users will have an understanding of the conservation of biodiversity, learn and implement appropriate methods for handling genetically modified organisms.

We will hold a briefing session for

those who may conduct biological experiments (microorganism experiments and genetic recombination experiments) in biolab. This session does not include practical training.

Those who have attended this workshop can apply to do experiment at biolab.

This session will take about 2 hours. Content is:

・ History of genetic modification experiments

・ About the Cartagena Protocol

・ Law concerning genetic recombination experiments (Cartagena law)

・ Knowledge and technology regarding diffusion prevention measures

・ Safe handling technology for genetic recombination experiments

・ Inappropriate use cases and accident response

・ Handling of genetic recombination experiments and biological experiments at this experimental facility

・ Experiment design application method and review process

Place:FabCafe MTRL

Time:19:30 - 21:30

Guide:Hideo Iwasaki, Teruya Enomoto