Sat., May 04, 19:00 –

Koji School - Final Event, Living in Harmony with Bio - The Cultural Future of Fermentation


Sat., May 04,

Craft beer and miso, homemade pickles, natural yeast bread... "Fermentation" is a current trend that has completely penetrated modern food. However, it is actually a deep bio world in which research and experiments take place in kitchens and workshops...! At BioClub in April, fermentation researcher Nakaji and the "Koji School" offered a month long course to systematically study the relationship between bacteria and humans through yeast creation. This event with be the final event of the Koji School, and will feature Mr. Ikeda Shuhei of Takao Beer Co. who promotes trendy local beer breweries to guests.

Looking back on the Koji School topics, we will discuss fermentation and brewery industry, international fermentation culture, and the contingent craft food boom. The special Takao beer that is hard to find in Tokyo is included! In the evening you can meditate on the deep fermentation world with a beer in your hand. 

Details of the Shibuya Koji School on Friday



Date: May 4th, 2019, 19:00 - 21:00
Location: FabCafe MTRL, Dogenzaka Pia 2F, 1-22-7 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043
Entrance fee: ¥1,500 (includes Takao beer)
Speakers: Nakaji (of the Koji School), Shuhei Ikeda (of Takao Beer Co.)
Capacity: 20 people 


19:00 Start
19:00-19:10 Introduction
19:10-19:30 Koji School Overview
19:30-19:50 Takao Beer Introduction by Mr. Ikeda
19:50-20:30 Discussion 
20:30-21:00 Free Conversation and Mingle

Shuhei Ikeda

Graduated from the Portland State University (Portland, Oregon, USA) Business of Craft Brewing department. Completed a brewing program at the Hoi Polloi Brewery (Berkeley, California, USA). Established Takao Beer Co. after working in a design and advertising company, with a focus on system/design/advertising/brewing such as strategy and promotion planning of craft beer products for national beer makers, and e-commerce support and management for a foreign watch brand. Takao Beer


"Koji School" representative/KOJI teacher, koji researcher, bodyworker, former Terada Honke head sake brewer. Graduated from the Kyoto College of Art, Ceramics Department. Dropped out of the Kyoto University of Art & Design. Graduated from the Kodo Cultural Foundation Training Center. Wandered abroad. Learned traditional arts (Japanese taiko, dancing, and singing). Apprenticed with food researcher Deco Nakajima and learned cooking, self-sufficiency, and yin-yang theory. Worked for eight years as the head brewer at natural sake brewery Terada Honke. Studied fermentation and philosophy of life under Keisuke Terada. Learned the principles of koji and fermentation through sake. Then, independence. Moved to Hokkaido in 2013 and operated a gallery cafe studio. Moved to Chiba in 2016. Ran the "Koji Online School" and "Nakaji's Fermentation Research Institute Salon." Held koji workshops and lectures in 8 European countries in 2018. Introduces koji culture and provides technical guidance internationally. Conveys principles of nature around the world by by making koji. Operates the "Koji Online School."