Thu., March 31, 19:00 –

BioClub Lecture: Mayumi Sakai - DNA Music & Yeast


Thu., March 31,




BioClub Tokyo




Mayumi is going to talk about my 'Music and Yeast' project, she did during BioHackAcademy in Spring 2016.

She found out, that certain folk-songs were sung during brewing, acting as a natural timer for the fermentation process.
She decided to encode these folk-songs into the DNA of yeast, making the yeast cells 'sing' their own songs.

After studying interaction design in the UK, Mayumi has been designing and developing platforms and applications. She makes fermented foods to rethink her eating habits and to increase the physically and mentally healthy people. Participated in BHA in 2016 to learn more about microbes. She is a nature lover, an observer of wild life, and explores how human society can live and work together with the nature without destroying it.