Fri., November 17, 20:30 –

Founding Director of BIOTOPIA: Michael John Gorman


Fri., November 17,

BioClub × metaPhorest Special Guest: Michael John Gorman 

A new museum linking science, art, and design at the Schloss Nymphenburg, Munich
Inviting Michael John Gorman, founding director of BIOTOPIA ( and professor of the Ludwig-Maximilians Life Science Association (LMU).

We are very happy to welcome Michael John Gorman for the BioClub & metaPhorest joint event. To find out more about his past works at the Science Gallery, and his work from now on at Biotopia, Georg Tremmel & Hideo Iwasaki

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From the Science Gallery to Biotopia: An Adventure of Art, Science, and Design

Michael John Gorman
BIOTOPIA Founding Director

[Michael John Gorman]

Michael John Gorman

At Trinity College, Dublin Founding director of ScienceGallery (, from 2012 until present, established branches in London, Bangalore, Melbourne, and Venice. SGI CEO until 2016. Presides over 25 exhibitions that serve as bridges between science and art. A lecturer on science, technology, and society at Stanford University, held postdoctoral fellowships at Harvard University, Stanford University, and MIT. Written books on topics ranging from 17th-century Flemish paintings to Buckminster Fuller's architecture, also currently writing books on the future of science museums that under contract with MIT Press. Queue Counter Advisor of Nature—Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial.

Michael John Gorman: From Science Gallery to Biotopia