Tue., August 16, 19:30 –

Misomics - Miso x Genomics - Study Meeting


Tue., August 16,




BioClub Tokyo AND zoom.bioclub.tokyo



Misomics - Miso x Genomics - Study Meeting, organized by Prof. Atsushi Niida from the Institute of Medical Science of the University of Tokyo. This study group is a continuation of the Misomics Workshop, the goal is to learn, analyse and understand the microbial communities and life form being present in the process of producing Miso.

The meeting will be both in-person at BioClub in Shibuya and online at zoom.bioclub.tokyo

The language of the meeting will be Japanese.

It is free to join the meeting.

Please study the materials before the meeting.

Materials are in the #misomics channel of the BioClub Slack.