Tue., October 31, 21:00 –

BioClub Weekly: Mayumi Sakai- Music and Yeast


Tue., October 31,

This talk will be about the project "Music and Yeast," which was presented at the 2016 BioHackAcademy.

About "Music and Yeast": 
Back in the time when clocks did not exist, "sake-making songs" were sung by workers at breweries as a way of checking on the brewing process for refined sake. This project originated in the question: "Might sake yeast be able to remember these 'sake-making songs,' which are no longer sung due to developments in sake brewing technology?" Working with the theme: "you are a mother if you have music DNA," the project converted music into DNA base sequences and searched for a way of preserving this in the yeast. 

Mayumi decided to encode these folk songs into yeast DNA and "sing" the yeast with her own voice.


#BHA #DNAMusic #Yeast ps. Personally speaking, I am very happy to see Mayumi happy and doing well. She is, of course, my senior at RCA. Georg Tremmel


Mayumi Sakai: Music and Yeast / 音楽と酵母