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BioClub Weekly: Olivia Guigue - Tamesiology


Tue., July 31,

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Last week's fantastic ALIFE 2018 - Beyond AI conference also featured an art competition, the Grand Prize was awarded to Olivia Guigue 'Tamesiology' Project.

Olivia is still in Tokyo, she kindly agreed to talk more about her works and about Tamesiology at this week's BioClub Weekly Meeting.

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About Tamesiology

The Tamesiology studies the geology of the Anthropocene, taking as a case study the banks of the river Thames in London where the tides reveal cyclically all sorts of objects. Imported natural and synthetic materials derived from industry and consummation are gleaned from the river’s foreshore at low tide.

The collection of samples is classified into seven degrees, including sub-groups, ordinating them by the stage of transformation that the mater went through (or not) : 

1st ° : endemic materials. 
2nd ° : imported materials unmodified. 
3rd ° : imported materials modified. 
4th ° : imported materials transformed. 
5th ° : materials of 1st ° and 2nd ° modifdied by materials of 4th ° or 5th °. 
6th ° : synthetic materials. 
7th ° : aglomarates of differents degrees.

The study focuses particularly on synthetic materials. The samples are chosen upon aesthetical criteria, presenting a stage of degradation that allows an abstraction from the objects they once were. The Tamesiology presents this section of the collection as the « pseudo-mineralogy » of the Anthropocene - as such materials are now becoming part of the ground. This mimesis brings us to question the dichotomy natural/artificial by observing the dynamic of anthropic materials in nature, letting us approach the topic of environment from a specific point of view : the one of matter.

About Olivia

Olivia Guigue was born in Sevres, France in 1980. She currently lives and works in London. She developed a major practice of photography, experimental, poetical as well as documentary, using punctually other techniques, like scanners, or other media like the internet, working with found materials. Alternatively she comes back and forth to installation with found objects when the photographic representation needs to be surpassed. Through still lives and sets of the ordinary and the left-overs, her approach persists in what’s unseen or ignored, with a particular interest in the archaeology of the Anthropocene and science in dialogue with Eastern mystical philosophy, showing in her latest works a concern for our civilisation’s ecological footprint.

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Entrance is free, the presentation will be in English.

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See you at the talk,
Georg Tremmel / BCL