Tue., May 30, 19:00 –

Naveen Kumar - Sensing and Streaming: Real-Time DIY Incubator Monitoring using Cellular Networks


Tue., May 30,




BioClub Tokyo





In scientific labs, incubators are crucial for experiments involving microorganisms like cell cultures, bacteria, and fungi. However, it can be a difficult and time-consuming task to monitor and regulate the incubator's conditions, such as temperature, humidity, CO2 level, and pH. In this presentation, we introduce a project that aims to simplify this process by utilizing environmental sensors, cellular networks, and cloud data storage. We explain how we created a network of sensors to collect and transmit data from an incubator at BioClubTokyo to a cloud platform for storage, processing, and visualization. We also discuss the advantages and difficulties of our approach, as well as plans for the future development of the incubator management system.

 About Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar is a Researcher at RIKEN, Japan's largest comprehensive research institution, and specializes in analyzing microbial DNA sequencing data. He has a strong passion for tinkering and creating embedded electronics and is also an avid enthusiast of Edge AI. During his leisure time, he enjoys watching movies, nature photography, and experimenting with microcontrollers. You can find his projects on https://hackster.io/naveenbskumar.

The talk will be in English.