Thu., July 19, 19:30 –

Mio Iizawa, Akihiro Hatanaka, Arina Tsukada - "the Male or Female", publication anniversary talk: "the chicken and folklore"


Thu., July 19,

"Does a chicken have a soul?" - Ms. Mio Iizawa's book, "the Male or Female", began as an attempt to answer this question. The "chicken" that we are all familiar with was once a "bird" that had its own life force. However, how many of us can imagine the transformation that took place to render the animal from a "bird" to that of a domesticated food source, the "chicken"?

"The Male or Female" confronts such questions by using the medium of bio-art. It discusses the issue of "meat for consumption" through the lenses of husbandry and the philosophy of biology. At the event we will also be joined by Mr. Akihiro Hatanaka, a folklorist and editor. From the perspective of folkloric studies, Mr. Hatanaka will delve into the culture that envelops our everyday lives. We hope that you are looking forward to hearing a unique, cross-disciplinary talk where bio-art intersects with folkloric studies.

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*The experimental operation of this project was conducted via metaPhorest, Waseda University's bioaesthetics platform.


Date: 19 July 2018 (Thurs.), 19:00 Open/ 19:30 Start
Location: FabCafe MTRL
Fee: 2,000 Yen (gourmet hors d'oeuvres included)
Tickets are available through the following link:


Capacity: 40 attendees
Speakers: Mio Iizawa (artist), Akihiro Hatanaka (folklorist, editor)
Moderator: Arina Tsukada (Editor, curator)
Sponsorship, management: BioClub (Chiaki Ishizuka)
FB event page:

Mio Iizawa

Author and company employee. Has conducted research on the themes of time and life through the lens of philosophy, science, and aesthetics to produce various outputs, including electronic devices, film works, and art installations. In more recent years, has turned attention to book writing. Is currently conducting research for a new work that will explore the themes of individuality and differences in life. Is also engaged in the planning and managing of the book fair, "TRANS BOOK".

Akihiro Hatanaka

Folklorist and editor. Born in Osaka in 1962. Has published numerous works, including "Yanagita Kunio to Kon Ujiro"; "'Nihon Zankoku Monogatari' wo Yomu" (Heibonsha); "Saigai to Yokai" (Akishobo); "Kaiko" (Shobunnsha); and "Tennsai to Nihonjinn" (Chikuma Shobo). His most recent work, "Niju-isseiki no Minzokugaku" (Kadokawa), compiles the serial texts of

Arina Tsukada

Editor, curator. Chief editor of the art science media, "Bound Baw". Representative director for the "Whole Universe" platform, which seeks to promote imagination in the fields of art, education and experimental thoughts. Is expanding her activities overseas. Has worked as a director for the sound artist evala's project, "See by Your Ears".