Tue., November 06 – Fri., November 16

Weekly Meeting BioClub AIR: Christina Stadlbauer & Kintsugi Mutations


Tue., November 06 – Fri., November 16

BioClub Artist-in-Residence:
Christina Stadlbauer - Ceramic Scar Tissue

Ceramic Scar Tissue is an artistic exploration of Kin Tsugi with life matter.

Originally, Kin Tsugi is used to repair broken ceramics by transforming the crack using gold or silver. Intrigued by the philosophy behind the craft, Christina Stadlbauer explores this traditional technique in her art practice and applies the principle to other materials, beloved personal objects and, in a more conceptual way, for mending broken places, communities and situations in every day life. 

Christina was in Japan for a month-long residency, exploring Kin Tsugi with life material as “fixing agent” instead of the traditionally used resin. 
The idea of amelioration of damage is taken into the living world and the concept of healing is introduced. 
Instead of glueing the ceramic with urushi polymer, the transformative repair is achieved by uniting the broken pieces by growth of living material, creating a “scar tissue of biomatter” joining the surfaces of the fragments.

In her talk, Christina presents her approach and story with Kin Tsugi and gives some insight into the laboratory work that “heals” ceramics. 

Christina Stadlbauer is a Helsinki based researcher / artist from Austria. She is inspired by the interstices of arts and sciences and her work pivots around life- animals, plants, bacteria. She is especially interested in the complexity of processes - in nature (ecosystems), groups (socio-systems), or the human body. She likes to work with the immediate environment, be it the physical space or immaterial contexts, to create situation specific interventions. Amongst the pieces that she created are tangible objects, outdoor public installations, as well as ephemeral interventions and rituals.

christina.stadlbauer@gmail.com http://christallinarox.wordpre...

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This Residency is supported by: The Finnish Institute in Japan
FInnish Bioartsociety
BioClub Tokyo

This talk is supported by: Austrian Cultural Forum Tokyo

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