Sun., August 11, 17:00 –

WWFF Vol.3 - Computational generation in artificial intelligence and fashion


Sun., August 11,

Amid the possibilities of artificial intelligence, or more specifically machine learning and deep learning, being advocated, what kind of influence will this have on our clothing lives? Also, what kind of relationships should be formed using it? Just what effects will the progress such as that in the acceleration of calculators have on the design of clothing?

What we need to do now is take a step back from the dystopian and utopian claims such as "AI will take the occupational abilities from all designers" and "AI will make calculating all complex social and technological problems possible", and conduct the multiple discussions surrounding the "power of creation" that artificial intelligence will bring about. In what way should designers (meta)design computational environments and tools, such as databases, patterns, and parameters, through co-creation with algorithms? It is not only limited to the production side of matters, but will inevitably change consumption, too. Will we be able think that clothes produced by machines are "beautiful", however? When fashion as a symbol is digitalized as data, we will discuss the (im)ossibilities of calculating clothes that appear from this movement.

For this talk event, our third dialogue series, we have invited Mizuki Oka, an artificial life researcher and associate professor at University of Tsukuba; Taichi Sunayama, an architect who specializes in computational design and program manager of the architectural database project "Index Architecture"; and Yoko Fujishima, who researches fashion from a humanities and social science perspective and conducts applied research into machine learning as a research scientist for ZOZO Research. At this event, we will discuss what kind of relationship artificial intelligence, fashion, and design will carve out.

"WET / WEAR - FAB / FABRIC" is a working group organized by BioClub director Chiaki Ishizuka and design researcher Kazuya Kawasaki to study and practice biotechnology, digital fabrication, and fashion. In order to discuss the ways of new fashion in an age where digital technology is a premise, we have involved various artists, designers, researchers, and businessmen in both our dialogue series and practical series and will be implementing the idea of "create while you think".

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