2017.10.31 Tue.,

BioLab received the Good Design Award 2017

Reason for receiving the award:
BioLab is for an open community and is located next to a coworking space in Shibuya. It clears bio-safety level P1, which is stipulated by the country as the safety standard when handling gene recombinants, and it is possible to conduct full-scale experiments and research. While BioClub is expected to have a swift market expansion along with artificial intelligence, biotechnology is often kept at arms' length due to aspects that remain unknown, and it is a community that aims to promote understanding and create business opportunities through the use of the lab and community activities. Having been active for one year, it has grown to 600 members and also boasts accomplishments such as collaborations with foreign organizations and artists. http://www.g-mark.org/award/de...