Mon., September 04, 19:00 –

Aaro Murphy: Volatile Memory – E-noses and Smell Sampling


Mon., September 04,




BioClub Tokyo




An artist talk to introduce a new speculative film Finnish artist Aaro Murphy is making exploring electronic noses and ways in which they might assimilate into our urban fabric. The talk is a continuation of The Tokyo Arts & Science research residency hosted by BioClub Tokyo, The Finnish Institute in Japan and BioArt Society Finland, in October 2022. 

Murphy will discuss his research from last year and how it is informing this new work he is making. The final work will be shown at SOLU, gallery in Helsinki this coming winter. 

About Aaro Murphy

Aaro Murphy, (b.1991) is a Finnish visual artist currently based in Helsinki and Amsterdam. Working across sound, video and sculpture he creates time based installations that question boundaries between the organic and synthetic. A recurring theme in Aaro’s practice is the ability for machines and complex mechanisms to adopt architectural potential – in-between machine and robot like actants that begin to augment spaces and the viewers surroundings. Following this logic Murphy’s sculptures often perform autonomously in their own time shifting between automated networks and instruments – from the musical to the scientific.  

- [Instagram: @aaroamurphy](https://instagram/aaromurphy)

- The talk will be in English
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