Tue., June 13, 20:00 –

Shih Wei Chieh - Laser Dye Project and DIY solartronics


Tue., June 13,


20:00 JST


BioClub Tokyo, FabCafe MTRL 2f



Hi! I would like to introduce two of my projects. The first project involves laser dye, which combines alternative photography and textile printing. With a DIY laser machine and cyanotype developer, images can be formed on garments made of natural fibers. This maskless optical exposure process also opens up possibilities for working with sewn garments, delicate bio substrates, and large-scale etching crafts.

The second project is a speculative experiment that I am currently researching. It aims to develop large dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) at home. These cells can serve as both photovoltaic devices and photosensitive materials for art. I am particularly interested in the aspect of the electricity harvesting process involving plant dyeing, as well as the research for finding alternatives for the solid electrolyte and low-temperature sintering of the TiO2 photoelectrode with biological process.