Fri., August 18, 19:00 –

Workshop: Noémie Soula -「二口女へ」 - Reviving Mysteries and Yōkai


Fri., August 18,


BioClub Tokyo, MTRL 2F


19:00 - 21:00


Free, but please register.

In this 2-hour workshop, we will be invited to (re)discover the story of Futakuchi-Onna, a yōkai from Japanese mythology, through simple hands-on and performative activities. Together we will investigate her past, understand her present and imagine her future.

About Noémie Soula

Noémie Soula is an artist and researcher using storytelling and craft as creative tools to explore biotechnologies, genetics, and the relationship between human and non-human. Playing with the visceral and the liminality between reality and fiction, the created artworks, physical or digital, act as a wake-up call, an uncanny event stimulating the audience’s imagination.  During her residency programme at ARCUS, Moriya, IBARAKI, she will develop a body of research for the project "Becoming Futakuchi-Onna" exploring connections between this traditional Japanese folktale and our contemporary society. It aims to encourage bio-activism and women to access STEAM careers. This research is funded by The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation and Lab4Living.  She was the selected artist to receive The Da Vinci Labs’ LEONARDO REBOOTED grant in the Synthetic Biology category to create her last project Mythical Living Data (2022) exhibited as a solo show in the Moore St. Electrical Substation as part of No Bounds Festival (2022, Sheffield). Recent exhibitions and artist talks include Epidermotopia (2021, Paris), NEW NOW Festival (2021, Essen), and Giudecca Art District (2020, Venice).

Workshop Language: English

The workshop is free, but please register!