Tue., September 05, 19:00 –

Weed Day (Tiffany Lay and Zo Lin): Contemporary Foraging


Tue., September 05,




BioClub Tokyo





Weed Day will talk about their artistic practice and about contemporary foraging in today's age.

About Weed Day

Weed Day is run by two foraging artists. They are conscious of the current city landscapes and the ways in which humans interact with nature. They make weed tea among other everyday essentials with the foraged weeds. When foraging they choose the more dominant and invasive plants leaving more space for native species resulting in a more biodiverse environment. To them, the weeds speak for the land. Tea is also a huge part of everyday life in Taiwan.
To them, weed tea is the start of the conversation to help people become aware of the environment and its diversity. Every time they make tea it is with a different combination of site-specific plants (usually more than 20 types of plants) thus for every tea they make they write the ingredients to show people the diverse amount of plants that surround us even within the city. They want people to understand that we all depend on microorganisms, insects, plants, and animals to continue to stay alive and healthy.

- https://instagram.com/haveawee...
- https://weedday.org/
- https://facebook.com/weedroot


- The talk will be in English
- Join in person at BioClub Tokyo or via [Zoom](https://zoom.bioclub.tokyo)