Tue., May 08, 19:00 –

BioClub Weekly:Eswar PR Iyer


Tue., May 08,


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GW前にバイオラボに来てくれたハーバード大学医学部のジョージ・チャーチラボのEswar PR Iyerさんが再び登場。 本日はEswarさんとジョージ・チャーチとジョー・デイヴィスとの共同作業に関する「芸術、科学、倫理の冒険」についてのトークの映像を見る予定です。

Eswar PR Iyer:

Before the Golden Week we had a lab visit from Eswar PR Iyer from the George Church Lab at Harvard Medical School. Eswar recently pre-published a ground-breaking paper titiled 'Barcoded oligonucleotides ligated on RNA amplified for multiplex and parallel in-situ analyses' or 'BOLORAMIS' on biorxiv
We will watch Eswar's talk about 'Adventures in Art, Science and Ethics' and his work with both George Church and Joe Davis. Please join, the talk was amazing!

Eswar also recently co-published a paper on 'The ethics of experimenting with human brain tissue' https://www.nature.com/article...

Also highly recommened!