Sat., June 24, 13:00 –

"Let’s turn the wheel of Miso" - Misomics Workshop


Sat., June 24,




BioClub Tokyo




¥5000 for 2.5kg Miso


¥3000 for 1.5kg of Miso

In order to lead a healthy life, I think it is important to keep repeating the cycle of (1) making temmae miso, (2) drinking miso soup made from miso fermented with your own indigenous bacteria every day, (3) becoming healthy as the ecosystem of indigenous bacteria improves, and (1) making temmae miso... Also, by gathering together to make tete-miso, we can expect to produce more powerful tete-miso that contains a variety of bacteria. Let's make delicious tasting tamae-miso together this year too. Participation fee ¥5000 for 2.5kg or ¥3000 for 1.5kg.

Each person will take home 2.5 kg (or 1.5kg) of miso (enough for 130-140 portions of miso soup). We will mail you the soya beans in advance and you will bring the cooked soya beans on the day of the workshop. The participation fee is payable in cash at the venue on the day of the event.

Please also join the #misomics channel on the Bioclub Discord server (


If you want to participate, please fill out this form:

Application Deadline is June 17th, one week before the workshop.