Tue., June 13, 19:00 –

LarbitsSisters - Photosynthesising Flowerpots


Tue., June 13,




BioClub Tokyo



During this talk we will discuss two of our most recent works, 'Crypto Miner Car' (2022) and ongoing work ‘Photosynthesising flowerpots' (2023). The Crypto Miner Car is a blockchain-based installation. Central to the work is a crypto mining platform with GPU units hacked to recover waste heat and power a car while mining crypto coins. 'Photosynthesising Flowerpots' look at some experiments conducted to feature a flowerpot that photosynthesizes crafted out an uncanny symbiosis between a man-made flowerpot and cyanobacteria.

About the LarbitsSisters

Since 2010 social media researcher Bénédicte Jacobs and media artist Laure-Anne Jacobs form the artist duo LarbitsSisters. Their collaboration grew out of a shared fascination on new media. The work of Brussels-based duo is situated at the crossroads of art, technology and social issues. Their work has been presented in various international exhibitions and symposia and has been awarded several prizes, including the Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica.

The Talk will be in English.

LarbitSisters have participated in Tokyo Arts and Space(TOKAS) residency program, they will also participate in the Creator-in-Residence 2023 Exhibition "As above, So below" Part.2 at TOKAS Hongo, starting August 19th 2023.