Tue., June 27, 19:00 –

Samuel Beilby - Turbulent Partnerships: Insects, Corporations and Art


Tue., June 27,




BioClub Tokyo, MTRL 2F





I'll share my two most recent projects, 'Workwelt Logistics' (2022) and 'Machinic Paragenesis' (2023 - ongoing). Both projects explore the topic of swarm technologies, hive-minded, biomimetic automatically guided vehicles that are programmed to organise themselves based on principles of swarm intelligence found in social insect colonies, and carry out warehouse labour for logistics and e-commerce corporations.

About Samuel

My name is Samuel. I'm a contemporary artist, occasional writer, arts educator from Boorloo (the Nyoongar name for the region of Perth, Australia). My research interests address the sentience, ephemeral qualities and turbulent nature of digital and mechanical new media technologies, materialism and labour and my arts practice often attempts to map and amplify the tensions between ecological systems of organisation and neoliberalism's tendency to exploit these natural resources. I currently occupy a committee member role at Cool Change (a gallery in Boorloo), a casual teaching position at the University of Western Australia’s (UWA) School of Design’ Fine Art Department. I recently completed a Master of Fine Arts (Research) candidature at UWA which consisted of a thesis entitled “Swarmic Trajectories: Mapping the Symbiosis of Social Insects and Biomimetic Automation at Fulfillment Centre Worksites” (2022) and a creative body of work, Workwelt Logistics (2022). In May 2023, I delivered an artist talk on Workwelt Logistics at the ISEA2023 (International Symposium of Electronic Arts) in Paris.

The talk will be in English