Tue., March 22, 19:00 –

BioClub Lecture: Kazutoshi Tsuda & Takayuki Ito - Personal Biotechnology & YCAM Bio Research


Tue., March 22,


BioClub Tokyo



The project “YCAM Bio Research,” as one of the R&D projects that YCAM drives, began exploring a variety of points of view aimed at seeking the application possibilities of this technology, such as art expression, education, and community design. YCAM Bio Research established a bio lab space in the building in 2015 and opened up our activities in a variety of forms, such as “Research Showcase” to introduce the process of research to the public, “Workshop” for wider generations to understand living things and ways of examining them using hands-on experiments, “Intensive Workshop” to explore the application possibilities of biotechnology in terms of reading, writing and bioethics, “Exhibition” in collaboration with artists, and the release of publications such as books and magazines. We are trying a variety of expressions and values by adopting biotechnology to our past studies – body and perception, learning and playing, and around people’s lives – that we have fostered through the use of media technology.

Field Guide “DNA of Forests”
YCAM InterLab Camp vol.3 “Personal Biotechnology”
Incomplete Niwa Archive
The presentation will be mainly in Japanese, only the overview at the beginning will be in English.
Online only! Please join online at https://zoom.bioclub.tokyo
This lecture is part of the ongoing BioHack Academy 2022.
* The image shows the YCAM BioLab with Kazutoshi Tsuda, Kosuke Katano, Masato Takemura, Yumi Nishihara, Fumie Takahara and me, Georg Tremmel. Takayuki Ito took the Photo. Very nice memories.